Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Fall Ya'll...

I've heard that for the past couple of weeks people have had unseasonably warm temperatures and everyone is melting...that's not the case up here above the 45th parallel in Northern Michigan.  I've been freezing since labor day.  High's in the 50's and 60's and lows in 30's and 40's.  I'm cold and it's only going to get colder!! Not sure how long I'll last up here with these cool conditions.  So...fall is fully upon us and it is beautiful up here!  I wanted to share some pictures from my run today....
I don't think this view will get old until the lake freezes and I'm too cold to notice!!
this view does help when i feel like my knee cap is going to split in half and i have no feeling in my toes...but i keep running!

So, when it's raining and freezing out, what do we do??? We go to the farm to watch pig races!!  My friend Katie and her family were up for their last trip to the cottage for the season and we took the kids to the farm in the rain because the weather said it was SUPPOSE to be sunny!  The farm had great prices on pumpkins (which I didn't get one and I'm not sure why I didn't???).  And while we were there we were lucky enough to see a pig race...I didn't even know that pigs were fast until they took off, but they got side tracked and decided they wanted to stop and eat...they all eventually made it through the course and when they ran, they were running fast!
pigs are running!
Another fun thing to do on a rainy cold day is to have a blind wine taste.  We took three bottles of red wine and put them in brown paper bags.  We set them all out and we had to guess which was which.  We knew the name of the wine and the price.  Not one of us got it all right and for the most part everyone's favorite was the cheapest one...Menage Trois for $13.99/bottle was the winner!!  We were getting Katie and Sean ready for their trip to jeal, they're going to have so much fun and MUST bring me back a bottle of vino :)!!
the blind wine tasting!
I hope you all are having a good Monday....I'm gonna leave you with the little picture from the farm:
i had to...

Friday, September 24, 2010

What a week...

It's been a whirlwind week for me, to say the least!! Since I'm staying up in BV, I figured I needed to rent my townhouse out!  I was getting nervous that October was just around the corner and I had only a few people call about my place.  I had even contacted my realtor, who informed me he "doesn't really do rentals" I asked him to do my dirty laundry!  So, after a lot of prayers (and dropping the price), I have renters for October 1st!  I'm a bit nervous's 3 guys!  They're self proclaimed "young professionals", but all I see is my sweet pink and white house becoming a fraternity house! Ahhhhhhh, what am I doing!
what meathead wouldn't want to live here???
So, in a matter of days...I have to pack up my house and move all my things into storage because I don't know where I'm going to be in a couple of months!  Why would I want to plan ahead!  That's how I live my life and how I always have and somehow, it just works out for me!  So, next week, I'm taking a few days off at the wine store and I'll head down to Indy to pack and the movers are coming on Thursday.  So ends a chapter in my life...and what a chapter it was.  I will say that my favorite year in Indy was the first year when I lived with my friend and we had theme parties and pretended we were still in college!  That was seven years ago and a lot has happened since then, but I'm ready to move on!! I love the feeling that I can do ANYTHING and go ANYWHERE!!

Now, to fill you in on what I'm doing in Northern Michigan with the "retirement crew"!   I had cocktails and drinks with the people who are still in BV.  If I were to average the ages of the 11 people at dinner last night, it would be 65...that's with my age in the average!  BUT, it was enjoyable! They know how to throw a fun cocktail hour and a great dinner party without the anxiety and stress people my age seem to have.  They've done it so long, it's easy for them!  We talked about books, movies, where everyone was going to stay in Florida when they go down there in a couple of months.  It seems to me that life just keeps getting better as you get older.  You're just moving north and south with the weather and cock-tailing your way through it!  Where can I sign up??  Who knows...ya'll might see me in Florida for the winter....just because i can go ANYWHERE and do ANYTHING!! Such a great feeling!  Still loving my Eat, Pray, Love year!!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

There's something wrong with the world today...

It sure isn't easy to be a follow up to my guest blogger, Mere, she took the blogging world by storm.  I knew I had to come up with a topic that would bring the readers back to me and what better topic than  Lindsay and Paris and their train wrecks I can't stop watching.  Seemed like the obvious choice to me....  I honestly don't know where to start with them??  I guess my big question is what is is wrong with them?  For those of you who don't consider E! News the only place to get up to date information on what is going in the world, I'll catch you up...Paris was arrested after her boyfriend was pulled over in Vegas and cocaine came out of her purse when she was putting on lip gloss in front of the cops.  She claimed it wasn't her purse.  On Monday she pleaded guilty and because of her plea deal does not have to do any time in the clink.  Hmmmmm, ok.
paris hilton's most recent mug shot...there were older ones to chose from  too!
Lindsay is out on probation after serving some time and going to rehab for drunk driving (or something like that).  This past week two of her drug tests came back positive for drugs.  She had cocaine and another drug in her system.  She will most likely have to go back to jail for at least 30 days. Hmmmmm, ok.
she might have to get use to that orange suit!
So, what's wrong with these girls?? Is it our societies obsession with celebrities where they think they are above the law?  They have more resources than anyone and the means to get help, but neither of them admits to having a problem(although Lindsay tweeted about it, I have my doubts it was for anything more than getting a reduced sentence).  They have parents that make excuses for them and announce to the public they don't have problems.  Here's a hint...don't think it's working.  They are worshiped by millions of little girls who think of them as role models and their friends and family just feed the ego!  It's a huge problem with our society as a whole.  Kids don't have respect for adults or themselves anymore.  Parents are worshiping their kids and giving them everything they want.  You're a parent, not a need guidance!

I don't have kids but have spent plenty of time with them in schools, babysitting, nannying and working at a camp.  I have heard every excuse from parents for kids lack of respect for others.  This is NOT helping anyone, especially the kids.  I had one mother tell me that the reason her daughter was disrespectful to me was because of how I felt about myself and I projected that on her daughter.  What?  With a parent making excuses like that a kid is never going to learn how to respect others or to take responsibility for her actions.  How will she treat her college professors, her first boss, her husband?  If Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton's parents came out to talk about substance abuse and how important it is to talk to your kids about drugs, alcohol, respecting others and yourself instead of making excuses about their kids behavior, these girls might be taking different paths in their lives right now.  There are consequences for most people!  

WOW! I obvious have an opinion about this...I am sick of seeing the celebrities in the news with all their mug shots and drug problems.  Has every kid that's been on the disney channel taken naked pictures of themselves??  Is this a new requirement...I thought we had seen rock bottom when Britney Spears shaved her head, flashed everyone, and her sister got pregnant...but it keeps getting worse.  Ok, ok, ok I will stop before I start sounding like I'm 50 years old and quoting Amy Vanderbilt...which, by the way, would be a good read for any of these young ladies that might be doing some time in the clink soon!


Friday, September 17, 2010

guest blogger: having breast cancer at the age of 30...

I would like to take the time to introduce you all to my first guest blogger!! One of my best friends, Mere, was diagnosed with breast cancer in April.  She wanted to share some things she's learned about it on my blog (and yes, I made her do this!).  Here's Mere!!
Mere and I the night she told our friends about her diagnosis.

Ten Things I Learned About Having Breast Cancer at the Age of 30

      1. You instantly become a 70 year-old woman…I was told to go to this store, “The Special Woman Boutique,” to buy a bra.  Let me tell you, you don’t really feel like a special woman in this store.  The women were nice, but the bras are hideous and the bathing suits are even worse!  Why do I have to wear ugly suits and undergarments just because I have cancer?!   I want to look cute too!  When all is said and done, I am going to start my own line of mastectomy wear…bras and bathing suits for normal people!
what 30 year old wouldn't want to wear this number?? omg!

2. You get lots of stuff for free…for example, I was at Panera one day and ordered my lunch.  Well, if anyone knows me, I love sweets and desserts.  I forgot to order a cookie with my meal and I asked the guy to add it on after he had already rung me up.  He took one look at my bald head and said, “Oh, go ahead.  Just take it.”  He then proceeded to give me a free drink cup too!

3.  Everyone knows someone who has breast cancer…and they are all OVER the age of 65!!!  It just isn’t the same…trust me!  I am sorry your Grandma’s Grandma’s Aunt had breast cancer, but I don’t really want to swap stories with them!  It really isn’t the same!
just a few years older, what's the difference?

I have the best friends…I always knew I had good friends, but it wasn’t until I got diagnosed with cancer that I truly saw how great my friends were.  They all rallied around me, made dinner for me (I don’t even cook!!), called, sent cards, offered babysitting, sat through hours of chemo treatments…you name it, the offers were endless.  I just hope that I am half as good a friend to all of them as they are to me. 
some of mere's support system!
5. People come out of the woodwork to rally around you…I was totally amazed by the support I received.  Almost every day, I would come home to cards, books, letters, even gifts from people I barely knew.  It was so overwhelming (in a good way of course)!

  6.  Chemo really isn’t that bad as long as you do it with a smile!  With “Sissy,” my sister, and guest appearances at Club Chemo, we laughed our way through each treatment.  You really can make anything fun as long as you have your friends and a couple of jello shots!
jello shots at chemo!

7. Not everyone has the same view on cancer as I do…I wrote on a forum about my approach to cancer and cancer treatment.  I was upbeat and told everyone that I was working every day, playing with my son, going about regular business and actually had fun at Club Chemo.  The forum came to a screeching halt and no one EVER even acknowledged my post.  I decided they didn’t like my positive attitude and the Debbie-downer forum wasn’t for me.

  8. Hair is overrated!  I’ve embraced being bald.  I really thought it was going to be the worst thing ever, but it didn’t really bother me after all.  I shower and get ready way faster than I ever used to.  I don’t have to worry about my hair getting messed up with the windows down or in the rain.  No bed head or hat head.  I save tons of money on highlights and haircuts.
when you look that cute without hair, who cares if you have it!

 9. Boobs are overrated too! At least I’ll come out of this with nice perky boobs!  There have to be perks to having cancer!

10. Life goes on despite having cancer… 
hasn't stopped her from doing anything!
especially being the best mom!
Thanks to Mere for writing this for us, I think it's great to read a positive attitude on breast cancer from a 30 year old!! Mere has already finished her chemo and  had surgery about a month ago.  In 6 weeks she will be done with radiation!  She can't wait to get this behind her! Please keep her and her family in your prayers! 


Thursday, September 16, 2010

i was tagged!!

My friend who also writes a blog, AEOT, "tagged" me so I have to answer her 8 questions, here it goes...

1. What is your ideal number of children? Uhmmmmm, seriously not sure.  I've spent a lot of time with kids, I love them and consider myself good with kids BUT not sure I am going to have any.  I lived with a family to help with the kids and that might have been enough for me!

2. What color flatters you the most?  Black, duh!  Who doesn't it flatter?  I also love to wear pink and Kentucky blue, but I'll save that for another post!

3. What is your favorite household chore? And which do you wish the little fairies would do over night?  I actually enjoy doing laundry, I like my clothes folded a certain way, but would love to have someone put it away for me!  I also really wish the little fairies would clean the bathrooms.  Who wouldn't want that??

4. What is your favorite book of all time?  I have a couple...I read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert a few years ago and love, love, loved it!  But I also love the book, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.  I read it in high school and could read it over and over!

5. What do you sleep in?  A t-shirt or tank top and pajama bottoms...I never match, I just throw on whatever is there!

6. Red or White?  White.  Who likes Louisville or Indiana Red...yuck!

7. Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Why?  Friday because you have the whole weekend to look forward to!

8. What is your ideal job?  I really want to open a monogram store!  I love doing it from my house, but really want a little store front and to interact more with the customers!

That's all for now because I'm not sure how to tag 8 more people! Thanks for asking me AEOT!!

xoxo2.  What color flatters you the most?
3.  What is your favorite household chore?  And which do you wish the little fairies would do overnight?
4.  What is your favorite book of all time?
5.  What do you sleep in?
6.  Red or White?
7.  Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?  Why?
8.  What is your ideal job (regardless of current schooling, training, etc)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

more about bv...

I had a friend ask me to elaborate on where I'm living and give her a better of idea of what staying"up north" means.  I had the day off today and took my camera around BV and Petoskey and decided to show you in pictures!  While I was out, I ran into a friend who thought I was a kid doing a project for school.  He was impressed with my dedication to the request and summed up Bay View well. "It's like summer camp where we live in houses!".  Enjoy the pictures!
the marina in petoskey

path to downtown petoskey

a cute store i hadn't noticed this summer until i was sent out on my assignment!

one more view! love on to bay view!
one of my fave cottages, and you're not looked at it wrong, it tilts!! the tiltin' hilton!
a peaceful street!
another fave!
the auditorium, where we go to church....
where the kids go to camp...i was a camper and leader there!
the post office....
the terrace inn, the hotel!
off to the beach!
the boat boats, they're all put away!! it's fall here!

one of the best parts of bv are the sunsets!!
AND, the people!!
I hope you all enjoyed my project on BV.  I don't think my pictures do it justice, especially since they were taken in the fall.  I will have to do it again next summer, when it's in full bloom! I would love to answer any other questions and will take requests for future blog entries!!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Wine Therapist...

Since I've started my job at the wine store, somehow I've become a therapist.  No complaints here, I love hearing everyones stories, it makes my day go faster and makes me seem a whole lot more sane!  I think I've always had one of those faces that people feel compelled to tell their life story to and add a couple samples of wine and people won't leave out a detail.  I had a mom and daughter in and they spent about 15 minutes talking about the other sister.  Apparently, she's dating a guy that is super possessive, doesn't spend any time with her family anymore and she's the smallest but the scrappiest of the sisters and you don't want to fight with her.   BUT, if you want to push her buttons...bring up the fact that she never does anything without her boyfriend.  I don't even know the girl's name!  Then I had a really "classy" couple in where the husband kept asking for more samples because he "wanted to get lucky", which she replied back each time, "you think you can get luck TWICE today".  Didn't need to know that.  This is when I normally give either my no teeth grin or all gums grin which means why in the world are you telling me this.  Most people take it as a friendly gesture, so the couple felt compelled to repeat this exchange about six more times. Thanks!
this is how i smile when i don't really want to hear what you're saying
but it's my job so i have to!!
this is how i really feel!
I had a group of people from Jersey in the first week I was working.  It was my first day by myself and I was a little nervous because if something went wrong, I wasn't sure I could fix it.  So,  in the middle of the store the mother and daughter get into a huge fight, Jersey style (think Theresa flipping the table on Real Housewives of New Jersey).  The daughter was getting married that weekend and she was telling her mom that she has spent so much money on her own wedding and that they had helped out her sister so much more.  I thought the mom was going to throw the wine bottles at her....her 3 inch red nails were holding the wine glass, shaking and I was sure she was going to shatter it.  I just sat there, not sure what to do.  The mom went off on her, every other word was the f word.  I just sat there with the dumb no teeth grin, I had no idea what to do.  So, as they're fighting they're still picking out wine and bringing it to me.  I'm ringing it in as fast as I can just to get them out of here and what do I do??? I hit some key, to this day I'm not sure what it was, and it rings their case of wine three times.  Every time I hit the key the total would rise by about $200.  This put the mom in another downward spiral.  I told her I could fix it, I'd re-ring it and the next thing I know it's $600(should have been around $160)!! I'm literally sweating and taking layers of clothes off.  The mom and daughter are taking turns going outside to smoke cigs.  I finally had to call the manager and have her talk me through it!  I had to pour myself a glass of wine after that one!  I was nervous they were going to put a hit out on me, life in the wine bizzzzz is tough!! 

This brings me to talking to my mom on the phone, which always produces the no teeth grin, which I must say was a definite trait passed down from her.  She flashes that grin at least once an hour.  My mom called the other day to tell me she worked with a little girl (about 4, I think) at bible study that day and she reminded her of me!  Then the laughter started and when my mom laughs, you laugh with her because you know the story is going to be funny...she has a very contagious laugh!  I'm picturing a sweet little girl that made her laugh and was nice to the other kids etc.  Not the story I got.  My mom started to describe her...she was in flip flops, probably hadn't cleaned her feet since June and definitely hadn't seen a hair brush in weeks.  Then she tells me at snack time the little girl put her feet on the table while she ate and cried when it was time for a nap. Sounds like a real cute, sweet little girl.  So glad I could bring back the good memories.  She did tell me there was a difference between the two of us, the little girl had her flip flops on the right feet.  I liked wearing them on the wrong feet and I wouldn't switch them, so I spent a couple of summers running around with flip flops on the wrong feet!  Doesn't my mom paint such a cute picture of me.  She went on to tell me that most years it was until December that they could get my feet clean.  In my defense....I was very ticklish and did not like anyone to touch my feet, I still cringe sometimes when I get a pedicure!! AND I was very tender headed and did not like people to brush my hair!!  And, just so you know, I would have NEVER put my feet on the table when I was eating(my mom did agree with this statement) and only would have cried if I wasn't tired for nap time! 
why would i want to brush my hair when it naturally looked so good??

looks brushed to me!

just a little disclaimer...i know some really nice people from Jersey, that are very enjoyable and well behaved!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kayaker Part TWO!

You all are not going to believe your blogging eyes when I tell you what I just heard about the kayaker!  I was going to my friend's facebook page to comment about the Jersey Housewives Reunion show when I noticed a post from her cousin.  They were discussing the kayaker and another person had posted an article from a Cleveland newspaper with the man's obituary.  The first comment after the obit. was that the kayaker's Uncle had "died" yeas ago in a boating accident in Canada and his body was never found!!! Can you believe it!! I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!  I am literally in shock!  If I knew a detective, I would call him.  That could have possibly given the man the idea to fake his death!  Are people checking the planes that left the Harbor Springs airport that day.  How can we just assume he was swallowed up by the bay???  I need someone to get to the bottom of all of this and I'm wondering if it's going to be sissyunplugged???  Keep your ears and eyes open for any news of the mystery of this missing kayaker in the Little Traverse Bay!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Kayaker...

I am one of those people that gets slightly obsessed with headlines in the newspaper (People Magazing/E! News).  When Natasha Richardson died after her skiing accident, it took forever for me to get over her death.  I remember thinking "is there ever a day that I won't think about Natasha and feel so sad about her death".  Here was this stranger, I had no connection to beside watching the Parent Trap, that I mourned for months.  I get a tear in my eye just thinking about her mom, Vanessa Redgrave, singing Edelweiss to her before they pulled the plug.  How sad, right!!

natasha richardson was no surprise I became obsessed with the missing kayaker.  He disappeared on Friday, August 6th.  Here are the facts I know: 1. He left his home around 10:30 am to go kayaking. 2. He was a good kayaker and sometimes would be out for hours. 3.  He was a lawyer in Akron, Oh(I know his name, but don't want to disclose it on my blog). 4.  I know that he's married and has at least one son, maybe two. 5. The police found his kayak, a shoe, an oar, and his lifejacket.  6. They have NOT found the kayaker. Here are the rumors: 1. He was in debt  2. He has a girlfriend.

not a picture of the actual kayaker, something i got off of the internet!

For days after the kayaker went missing the Coast Guard was out searching for him.  They had helicopters and lights out the night of his disappearance and they dragged the lake for weeks after.  As of today, they haven't found him and I haven't stopped thinking about him or googling his name for any new information since that fateful date.  His family put his obituary in the Akron newspaper a few weeks after he went missing and they had a memorial service for him(I debated going...thinking I needed some closure to this whole story!).  So, here are the questions I have....Is anyone looking in the Caribbean for him???  What if he IS in debt and wanted to start over with his girlfriend...another good question is, has anyone seen his girlfriend?? I just find it hard to believe that a month later they haven't found him in the bay.  I get that he would sink, but other people who have drowned in the lake have been found within days (now that I'm a towny I get insider info).  The waves have been huge the past few days and I just don't see how he couldn't wash to shore??  I haven't been able to swim in the lake since he went missing (except one day when i jumped in, but the water was very clear and I could tell there was no bodies floating around and it was REALLY HOT).  My biggest fear is to find a dead body in open waters and I feel that since I had an ominous feeling the afternoon he went missing that it might be in my destiny to find his body...or maybe I'll recognize him on vacation on some tropical island??
the night the kayaker went missing, before i knew he was missing i took a picture of the lake during a wedding reception!

Ok, so here's the friend's brother, Jerms, found a possible clue to the missing man.  He likes to dive around the BV bock and on Saturday morning during his dive he found a door knocker in the shape of an anchor with a male 14 K gold wedding band tied to it.
notes for what was found!

here is what jerms decide what happened to the kayaker!
So, I'm thinking....could the kayaker have sunk his wedding band, ditched his kayak, life jacket, shoe and paddle and swam over to the harbor springs airport to catch a plane with his girlfriend to a tropical island??
this is not the kayaker, just a picture form the internet

And if so, could he let me know, so I can swim in the bay again???!!  If I'm wrong and he is somewhere out there in the lake, I do hope his body is found and returned to his family because I'm sure they are having trouble moving on too.  Have no fear...I will keep you up to date with any kayaker news I have...until then it will remain a mystery!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Toppers and Mirror Lookers...

I clearly have some time on my hands at the wine store...this is a slow week and it's only going to get slower, so you can look forward to a lot of posts from me!  I debated writing about the missing kayaker, but decided with the last post being about cancer, I didn't want my followers (all 7 of you) to think this was going to be a heavy, serious blog about real life issues.  Today I am going to discuss toppers and mirror lookers.

You all have someone in your life that has to top every story or accomplishment you've ever made.  They interrupt the last part of your story to start their own story because it's bigger and better.  In fact, I hate to admit this, but I could possibly be that topper in your life.  I love a good story and I love to tell stories...but please know I do it out of excitement to share something with you, never am I trying to top you!  I had a mother and daughter come wine tasting last week and the mom was the topper of the family for sure.  The daughter would start a story about a tennis match and before she was done the mom would break in and start her own story and the poor daughter would just sit there smiling and shaking her head.  You could tell she was use to it and just kept her mouth shut....she wasn't going to compete with the topper.  I had a friend awhile back that would say every morning that the night before had been "the best night ever".  I don't doubt that it was fun, but was it really the "best night ever"?  Was every night the best night ever?? I was out for some of those nights and while I had fun, I sure hope that's not the best night of my life!

This brings me to a good mirror looker.  Where I work there are mirrors eye level behind me when I give wine tastings.  I've had several women who stand a little to the side of me so the entire time they are tasting wine and talking to me, they can stare in the mirror.  I've known people like this my entire life.  They catch glimpses of themselves in any and every window with a reflection or any mirror they may come across.  I don't get it...if you look in the mirror and then look again 5 seconds later will anything change?  I had a lady who literally looked at herself during a half hour wine tasting.  After she left I went to her spot and tried eating a cracker and having a drink in the mirror, just to see the appeal.  Half way through the cracker I was bored and forgot what I was doing.  My only conclusion on this was that maybe in a past life they were very, very unattractive and now they can't believe what they see in the mirror and are celebrating their newfound beauty??!  Who knows?!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Club Chemo...

Wouldn't it be exciting if I was blogging about celebrities I saw out at the club last night...what everyone was wearing, who they were dating...BUT the only club I've been to recently is "Club Chemo".  Not a club anyone really wants to go to, but if you have to...why not make it fun??
first chemo
My best friend from college, Mere, was diagnosed with breast cancer in April.  It was shocking to say the least.  Mere and I have been good friends since our sophomore year.  We talk on the phone 2/3 times a day about NOTHING.  We're still very stupid and silly and amuse ourselves very easily.  We're anything but serious. And all of a sudden, in April, we had something to talk about and it was serious.  It went from dumb conversations about Gossip Girl, 90210 and People magazine to what happened at the doctor's office and the treatments Meredith would be getting.  I didn't want to see my friend go through this and I really didn't know how to be "serious" about it all.  We soon realized that there were certainly times when we needed to be serious but we could tackle cancer with the same sense of humor we handled everything.  This is how we started "Club Chemo".  Mere's older sister and I went every other Monday to chemo with Mere and enjoyed our time together.  How often do you get to sit, uninterrupted, with two good friends??  I know it's easy for me to say because I wasn't feeling the effects from the chemo, but Mere would say the same thing.  We truly enjoyed our time at chemo...we played euchre, had my b-day party, made a facebook page for Mere's sister, took jello shots, listened to music, invited "special guest appearances"(friends) and laughed A LOT!
club chemo girls!

In fact, we laughed through a lot of things I thought we would cry through.  Mere's husband and I shaved her head on my birthday.  I was so nervous about this because I thought it would be really hard on Mere and I had no idea how she would handle it.  When we were standing in her shower shaving her head all she kept saying was "I can't believe I'm standing in a pool of brown hair!".  Mere is a blonde, don't ever question it.  So instead of getting upset, here she was wondering when her hair got so dark!  
shaving the head

It's situations like these where your true character comes out and Mere handled and is handling (it's not over yet) the situation with amazing courage, a great attitude and a hilarious sense of humor.  She is the one with cancer and she is also the person I get my strength from.  I worry a lot about her and some days I'm so sad and sick at my stomach wondering how she's doing and how she feels and as soon as I talk to her all my worries and sadness go away because of her attitude.  She had one of her breasts removed last week and the first thing she said to me after was if she sounded any different because she only had one boob. HA!  That's why I love Mere and we get along so well.  She is an amazing friend, wife, mother, sister and soon to be cancer survivor.  So, for anyone going through cancer or supporting a friend or family member with cancer just remember to look for positive situations in even the worst of circumstances, it can be done and will make your journey a lot easier!! xoxo