Thursday, December 16, 2010

she's fallen and she won't get up...

Blog readers...have you missed me?? Wondered where I be honest, I have no excuse.  My schedule has changed a bit, working more and less time to write.  I feel like I've had a lot of funny things to share, but not always sure how to share without exposing some of my secrets ;) Another VERY time consuming project has been taking care of my sweet little mama.  She broke her foot a week before Thanksgiving and you would think she was paralyzed.  It happened on a Friday night...I had gone out to dinner with my parents and a couple of glasses of champagne for Brenda and down she went...literally.  One wrong step and all happened so fast, I had no idea how she did it.  Not only was she in pain, she kept passing out.  I was literally in shock because I've never seen anyone pass out.  Unfortunately for my mom, my sympathetic, maternal side did not kick in...I just kept telling her to get up.  My Dad was mute, so I had to take charge and strategize how to get her to the car.  My Dad and I carried her together and let's just put it this way...we accidentally kept going in opposite directions.  It wasn't pretty and I would pay someone big bucks if there was a video of it!  At the hospital my future flashed in front of my eyes because the doctors just talked to me...not my parents.  FINALLY, I was the one in charge.  After staying the night in the hospital, she was allowed to leave with a boot on her right foot and crutches.  I wish that was the end of my story, but it's only the beginning.
my sweet mama

For those of you that don't know me, I can be very dramatic, the past few weeks I figured out where my overly dramatic side comes from.  My mom had a friend bring her a wheel chair, she has been rolling around in it running into every wall and door way because the crutches just aren't an option.  Coordination and upper body strength put the kibosh on that.  As soon as anyone sits down she decides she needs a glass of water or a popsicle.  When she finishes her meal she hands you her plate to immediately take it away, even if you are in the middle of finishing your meal.  She MUST have two diet cokes from McDonalds/day (the first one my Dad delivers around 6:30-7am).  She texts me at work at 4 to bring her home champagne because hers has gone flat and she sits in her bed, playing games on her i-pad and giggles on the phone.  One week of this was funny, two weeks was understandable but a month later and I'm so over it.   Now that it's icy out there, I may never see her on her two legs again!!
will she ever walk again??

Speaking of people having two legs, did you watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight??  I would take my mom in a full body cast for five years over the electric cig. smoking psychic or Camille Grammer.  The psychic was about as crazy as they get.  I think in one episode of RHBH, she single handedly lost all attraction to her show Medium.  She was a nut and left me hiding under a blanket in utter embarrassment.  I'm so addicted.  As Andy Cohen would say, "my mazel of the week" is that I am NOT Camille Grammer.  There's nothing right about that lady.

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season so far.  I will work harder on getting more posts up!!


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