Thursday, October 21, 2010

Have I mentioned I'm an underwater, international runner...

In my 32 years of life I have never set foot in the two countries that border the United States (I've been to plenty of other countries, but never Mexico or Canada).  Last Sunday I went to Canada and I ran back to the United States.  Yes, that's right...I was Forrest Gumping my way through Canada and back home to the mother land.  It was the Detroit Marathon and I ran a relay.  I was lucky enough that my best friend asked me to join her sorority sisters (they were desperate for someone, anyone, even if I was in a different sorority at a different school) in the race...A couple of months before the race I was excited to do it....knew I was in good enough shape to run 6 miles and thought I'd be so excited for the race.  Let's fast forward to the actual race...I was up all night the Thursday before the race throwing up and slept all day Friday because I was still so sick.  Katie had walking pneumonia.  We were doing the longest legs of the relay.  Sounds race ready to me!  I did 6 miles for my part of the race and although I didn't do the full 26.2, I still struggled, grimaced, laughed and cried with all the marathoners (no one needed to know I didn't run all 26.2 miles, until I realized relay was written across the back of my bib....).  On Sunday morning I boarded a bus at 6:30 am and rode over the boarder to Windsor, Canada.  It was beautiful, very clean and so welcoming.  I could hardly tell I had left the US...maybe that's because I could see Detroit just across the Detroit River.  What a sight! 

view of detroit from canada
I was the second leg of the relay.  And in perfect "Sissy" style, I had never met the girl that was running the first part of the relay to me.  I had e-mailed her the day before to see how fast she was and what she looked like.  I knew she would be wearing a long sleeve white shirt that looked just like mine.  Only 19,000 people had entered the race...should be easy enough to find her, right???!  I stayed extra alert for about an hour and finally a 6 ft tall girl in a white long sleeve shirt ran toward me with the same number bib on as was my turn to run!!  So there I was, in Canada for the first time running my first "marathon"... and I totally started tearing up(possibly because I was freezing, or maybe because I knew "the tunnel" was coming up).  I felt better than I had felt in a long time running...normaly I am hating life the second I start and don't really love it until I'm done, this time I was feeding off of the energy of the people around me and the excitement in Canada...and then I hit the tunnel back to the US.  All of a sudden we are being flung into a tunnel under the Detroit, stuffy, stinky, loud and long.  The first half was down hill and then you have to climb out of the tunnel like river rats....winding and winding up.  As I was running up I started thinking that it was so interesting that the girl who was suppose to do this leg had decided not to and that no one else wanted to...I guess it helps to ask a girl who doesn't know anything about the race and would be excited to run from Canada back.  The one cool thing about my leg of the race is that I ran the only international underwater mile in any race in the world and I can call myself an international runner!! :)  
running into the tunnel
running in the tunnel

After the tunnel I had 4 more miles.  I'd love to say it was a piece of cake, but I'm so mental when I run that it never is very easy for me.  I had some more small uphill parts to my run, I found some inspiration from the signs, people cheering, and some of the sayings on people's shirts and the fact that most of the people were running 20 more miles than me!  Seeing the relay spot and Katie's smiling face was by far the best part.  I ended up running a lot faster than I had anticipated and had such a great time.  The massage, bloody mary, and after party were great and the two hour nap I took that afternoon was the icing on the cake. 
pointing to our legs of the race!

 I might not love running, but the races make it worth it.  I think I'm ready to commit to a half marathon and am searching for one this winter I could sign up for.  It helps me so much to have something to work towards, it really motivates me...I may not come in first or do really well, but I've never come in last...and I live to tell about it!! Have I mentioned I'm an underwater, international runner??

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I bleed blue...

Hi ya'll!! It's been another crazy week of moving.  I know I mentioned on here that I moved, but I've kept it under wraps where I was moving.  I had to go back up to Michigan to finish out my job and close up the cottage and then I drove down to my home town, Lexington, Kentucky!  I've been here a couple of days and am loving it (what's not to love when you feel like you're on vacation).  Since I left Indy with a blog post about the things I learned there, I thought I'd let you know a few things I love about Kentucky. it goes!!

1. I bleed blue!! I L-O-V-E the Kentucky Basketball team!!  I will be the first to admit that I cry every time they do the starting line up.  Something about the lights going down and all the excitement over these college players.  I grew up in a house that went to all of the games, sometimes traveled with the team and most dinner conversations revolved around "the cats".  In fact, the first thing my Dad made me do when I got home on Tuesday was guess who the starting line up was going to be and look at a picture of old Kentucky players on the back of The Cats Pause and name the players.  I partied in the streets when they won the national championship in 96 and 98, I rushed the floor when they won the Maui classic in the early 90's, and I even wear a black t-shirt that says UK2K(yes, a black t-shirt)...I love my cats!
Rupp place for college bball!

2. People think that Kentucky Basketball fans are crazy.  Our basketball team has the winningest record in all of college basketball, it's not hard to cheer for a team like that.  What I think is crazy...Kentucky Football fans!! I love football games...I love to tailgate, I love when Kentucky comes back in the third quarter, I love the passion that the sold out crowd has when they think the Cats are going to beat a ranked team, and then I always see the Cats lose in the 4th quarter.  It happens every time.  But, we keep coming back for more.  Kentucky Football fans think we can compete in the SEC...we can't and that's why I love the passion and dreams of all the fans!  Last year when we lost to Tennessee in over time(for the 25th year in a row, no exaggeration) my Dad said to a friend, "hope it doesn't take 25 more to beat them".  And all I wondered was if it took 25 more years, would he be around to see it??  That's a long time...
Commonwealth fun, but so sad.

3.  Keeneland. L-O-V-E it!! October and April are so much fun in Keeneland.  I love going to the races, drinking bourbon and betting on my favorite horse.  It's a great place to see people and have a great time.  Everyone needs to experience Keeneland, it's the best!

4. My entire family lives in Kentucky.  I'm the only one that is gone.  My Dad had prostate cancer this spring and although he is doing really well from his surgery, I wanted to be here and I couldn't because I was working in Michigan.  My parents aren't getting any younger (they're not that old, just in their early 60's...really hope they don't read this, they would kill me!! :)) and I want to spend time with them and my sweet nephews!!
my family

5. This state likes monograms.  Indiana doesn't.  I have two monogram machines and a monogram company.  I need to be in a place that likes monograms!!
some of my monograms!

Here's a quote from my girl, Ashley Judd:

“Sure, girls from New York, they are tough. And girls from Georgia, they are sweet. But those born and bred feisty Kentucky girls, they are the ones you have to look out for. We have sugar and fire in our blood. We can ride a horse, be a d├ębutante, throw a left hook and tell you the entire UK line up all while making sweet tea. And if we have an opinion, you get to know it. We're both the pride and the downfall of the bluegrass...”

She sums it up well, I love being a Kentucky Woman!!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tagged is a part of blogging...

So, as you know(or maybe you don't??), I am new to blogging.  Still don't get the ins and outs of it and am always excited when I get a new follower.  I'm learning that a big part of the blogging world is getting "tagged" and having giveaways.  I don't think I have enough followers for a giveaway, BUT I did have someone tag me!!  "Deviled Megs" is a follower and knows I'm also new to the blogging world.  The purpose of this is to answer question and then tag others.  So, here it goes...again!

1. What was the last thing you ate: a banana

2. What is one of your best childhood memories?
That's a hard one.  I loved playing with the neighborhood kids.  There was a group of 5 girls that played daily, from the time we woke up, until we went to bed!  We played everything...we made big rocks into doll houses, we filmed fake beauty pageants, made up dances, played house, school, watched a ton of movies, kickball, red light, green light etc.  You name it, we did it.  I loved how much we used our imagination.  We rarely sat inside and watched tv or played video games.  We were out making little worlds out of rocks and sticks.  I wish kids still did all of that and got to be kids.  It's so much different now and we were lucky we lived in a neighborhood with so many kids the same age and where it was so safe!

3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you were older?
I wanted to be a talk show host.  I was convinced that Kathie Lee Gifford and I would have our own show.  I'm still working on that! :)

4. Do you paint your toenails in the winter?
YES! My toenails are always painted.  They may not look perfect in the winter, but they are painted!

5. Do you watch any reality television?  If so,what show is your favorite?
Yes, I watch a lot of reality tv.  I love the New York, Jersey, and OC Housewives and can't wait for the Beverly Hills HW's!!  I also love Rachel Zoe!  Ah-mah-zing!!

6. What were some of the "trends" when you were a kid?
We made string bracelets and wore them all the time..  That was another thing my neighborhood girls and I always did!  We also had jelly bracelets and swatch watches.  I always wore umbros and two t-shirts with my wilsons or tretorns!  Such a cute stage...

7. What is your favorite time of the year? Why?
I LOVE summer.  I love warm weather and being at the cottage.  I like being outside and in the water.  I also love being tan.  But, there's something so fun about the fall.  I almost feel like fall is the new year (maybe from going to school so many years:)).  There's always excitement in the air and people are making plans.  It was always soccer season when we were younger and I loved cool fall days with a soccer game.  So, I decided to chose two seasons!

8. Do you have any hobbies?
I play tennis and I run.  I love tennis and have played in a league the past few years. I don't love to run...yet.  I'm hoping the day that I fall in love will come...sooner, rather than later.  Next week I'm doing a relay for the Detroit Marathon and my leg is in Canada! I've never been to Canada before. I can't wait! I do love race days!

So, now I have to tag some people to do the same thing:
AEOT-Up North Preppy
JMW- A Place to Dwell
Queen Bee Swain


Thursday, October 7, 2010

It takes a village...

family picture with the cops!
Last week I moved out of my three bedroom townhouse in two days.  Literally, drove into town late on Tuesday and the movers came on Thursday at 2.  I didn't have much time to get out and everything had to be done because my renters were coming in on Friday morning.  The silver lining was a hotel room in downtown Indy waiting for me for a wedding weekend.  I knew there was going to be some fun ahead, if I could just make it though the move!  The move went as smoothly as it could...friends, movers and a cleaning lady made it happen.  I couldn't have done it without any of them.  But, the most important people of my weekend were Lauren and hair dresser and an incredible lady from Russia that can do ANYTHING (ask her and she'll tell you the same!).  On Friday night I initially thought I would do to the hotel, have a glass of wine or two and go to bed.  After all, I had only slept a few hours each night since Tuesday and knew the lack of sleep would catch up. glass of wine turned to another, I made friends with the bar tender and the next thing you friend Rymer and I are sitting on police motorcycles and taking pictures with the cops on duty in downtown Indy and we were up until 4am.
on the motorcycle...
So...back to Lauren and Olga...Saturday early afternoon (the day of the wedding) I go into Bobby Cooper's Salon to get my hair done.  I knew walking in that Lauren, who has done my hair for years, was going to die at my roots.  I don't like getting my hair done in Michigan and had let my roots grow out a few inches.  It wasn't pretty and I was a mess from the move.  I had spent the entire car ride to the salon picking half of my nail polish off my finger nails and my toe nails weren't any better.  The topper of it all...the bad spray tan I had the day before where I forgot to put the special lotion on my palms...they were orange!!  As soon as I walked in, it seemed like the music stopped, everyone dropped their scissors and combs and jaws hit the floor.  I knew I looked bad, but I didn't know it was THAT bad.  I guess it was.  So, there I sat, as five people discussed what needed to be done.  I'll be the first to admit...I have some salt in my hair at the age of 32...and by some salt, I mean a lot.  My colored hair is blonde and my roots are salt and's not cute!!  So, after the whole place had laughed, stared, and cried at what I looked like, they all got to work.  They had to color my gray roots before they could "really" color and hi-light it all over again.  My roots were long enough to be "virgin hair".  Oooops.  So, I'm sitting there getting the first set of color off of my hair when Olga comes into the picture.  Olga has worked there for awhile and I had always been a little scared of her.  She's from Russia and I wouldn't mess with her.  Well, as I'm sitting there getting my hair washed, Olga tells me that she got the go ahead from the owner of the salon to do my finger and toe nails.  People don't get their nails done at Bobby's...that's how bad I looked.  They had all spoken in the back room about the help I needed.  So, all of a sudden, Olga, the Russian wonder, is removing the other half of my toe and nail polish and painting them in 3 minutes flat.  As I'm getting my hair blown out, Olga is telling me how she could do my make up and how good she is at making me look good.  She then goes on to tell me if they took before and after pictures of me and posted them on their web site, they would be the most successful salon in the world.  Ouch, was that comment necessary...she didn't even crack a smile.  So, six hours later...I walk out with my blonde hair done, my make up done, nails done, and dress on ready to party the night away.  And then I lived happily ever after...well...almost...until there was an incident with red wine, a white shirt, the mother of the bride and a dance floor at the wedding!!
after olga worked her magic...i'm in black and ruffles.
with the beautiful bride!

i love a good band...especially when I can sing!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goodbye Indy, it's been fun...

It's official ya'll...I have moved out of my condo and am now a landlord to a fraternity house! ahhhhh.  All of my things are in storage and I no longer am a resident of Indiana. With college and my years in Indy, I lived in the Hoosier state for 12 years!  That's a long time...a lot longer than I EVER thought I'd live above the Mason Dixon line!  I thought it would be fitting to touch on some of the good times in Indy and let you know everything I learned from this midwestern state!

1. I learned that every really great night ends at the Casba!! If you're ready to walk downstairs to a bar that resembles a fraternity basement, you're feeling good and ready to dance with the best juke box music EVER.  In fact, a casba shot can solve any world least for that moment!

rockin' the casba!
rachel zoe, octomom, gert, et and elliot
john and kate plus 8, female indy driver
dick in a box....nice

2. Meredith and Mike always have the best Halloween party and it's a must to attend.  The costumes get better every year and my beer pong skills get worse and worse.  The "one flip wonder"(a title I gave myself) is now the last pick on any anchor that makes her team sink.  But, I do try to make up in costume...any suggestions this year??

mere, miley, football player, a baby and some brownies!

playboy bunny and miss kentuck
3. I learned from a few little girls that personal space does not exist.  Giggles, tears, snuggles, sleepovers and princesses are essential in an all female household.   I also learned I can love someone more than I knew I was capable of.
this little one(and her sisters) taught me A LOT!
saki bombs
more saki bombs!
4. There's always, always, always a good reason to do a saki bomb!

5.  I learned to love the Colts.  I never thought another teams besides the Kentucky Wildcats could find it's way into my heart.  I wore a Colts Jersey. I don't wear jerseys, that's LOVE!
wearing a jersey??? go colts!

6.  If you live in Indiana, once a year you have to be white trash and attend the Indy 500.  It's ok to drink beer out of a helmet on your head, put margarita's in your camel back, drink from a beer bong, buy test tube shots, dance on coolers, and admire all the mullets.  

7. DePauw is close by and always there to visit for a bachelorette party, reunion, or just a Marv's cravings.  We might not still be in college, but it's like riding a bike...everytime you go back, you revert back to the old ways!
yes, that's a donkey, not unusual to see in Greencastle!

posing on the DePauw entrance!
8. I bought my first house here!! I loved it and had my first sit down dinner party, a couple of christmas parties and lots of laughs! I loved my pink and white home!
i love the springs!

9. I learned that if you have a lot of stomach problems and can't figure it out...get your gallbladder checked out and then get rid of any stress you have in your life that could be affecting your happiness and sanity! (sorry, no pictures!)

10. I am leaving a lot of good friends behind that I can't wait to visit!! I've had a great time in the Circle City!  Thanks ya'll!!

Bye Bye Indy-