Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goodbye Indy, it's been fun...

It's official ya'll...I have moved out of my condo and am now a landlord to a fraternity house! ahhhhh.  All of my things are in storage and I no longer am a resident of Indiana. With college and my years in Indy, I lived in the Hoosier state for 12 years!  That's a long time...a lot longer than I EVER thought I'd live above the Mason Dixon line!  I thought it would be fitting to touch on some of the good times in Indy and let you know everything I learned from this midwestern state!

1. I learned that every really great night ends at the Casba!! If you're ready to walk downstairs to a bar that resembles a fraternity basement, you're feeling good and ready to dance with the best juke box music EVER.  In fact, a casba shot can solve any world problems...at least for that moment!

rockin' the casba!
rachel zoe, octomom, gert, et and elliot
john and kate plus 8, female indy driver
dick in a box....nice

2. Meredith and Mike always have the best Halloween party and it's a must to attend.  The costumes get better every year and my beer pong skills get worse and worse.  The "one flip wonder"(a title I gave myself) is now the last pick on any team...an anchor that makes her team sink.  But, I do try to make up in costume...any suggestions this year??

mere, miley, football player, a baby and some brownies!

playboy bunny and miss kentuck
3. I learned from a few little girls that personal space does not exist.  Giggles, tears, snuggles, sleepovers and princesses are essential in an all female household.   I also learned I can love someone more than I knew I was capable of.
this little one(and her sisters) taught me A LOT!
saki bombs
more saki bombs!
4. There's always, always, always a good reason to do a saki bomb!

5.  I learned to love the Colts.  I never thought another teams besides the Kentucky Wildcats could find it's way into my heart.  I wore a Colts Jersey. I don't wear jerseys, that's LOVE!
wearing a jersey??? go colts!

6.  If you live in Indiana, once a year you have to be white trash and attend the Indy 500.  It's ok to drink beer out of a helmet on your head, put margarita's in your camel back, drink from a beer bong, buy test tube shots, dance on coolers, and admire all the mullets.  

7. DePauw is close by and always there to visit for a bachelorette party, reunion, or just a Marv's cravings.  We might not still be in college, but it's like riding a bike...everytime you go back, you revert back to the old ways!
yes, that's a donkey, not unusual to see in Greencastle!

posing on the DePauw entrance!
8. I bought my first house here!! I loved it and had my first sit down dinner party, a couple of christmas parties and lots of laughs! I loved my pink and white home!
i love the springs!

9. I learned that if you have a lot of stomach problems and can't figure it out...get your gallbladder checked out and then get rid of any stress you have in your life that could be affecting your happiness and sanity! (sorry, no pictures!)

10. I am leaving a lot of good friends behind that I can't wait to visit!! I've had a great time in the Circle City!  Thanks ya'll!!

Bye Bye Indy-



  1. This is such a small world!! I went to DPU last for freshman year of college and have since transferred mainly because of my major. So you went there? I do miss the people! I'm going back for Monon this year and can't wait! I love Indy too!!!

  2. I am always up for a white trash party.
    What a big change for you! I have been thinking about a move...scared to pull the trigger! Maybe in a year.