Thursday, October 7, 2010

It takes a village...

family picture with the cops!
Last week I moved out of my three bedroom townhouse in two days.  Literally, drove into town late on Tuesday and the movers came on Thursday at 2.  I didn't have much time to get out and everything had to be done because my renters were coming in on Friday morning.  The silver lining was a hotel room in downtown Indy waiting for me for a wedding weekend.  I knew there was going to be some fun ahead, if I could just make it though the move!  The move went as smoothly as it could...friends, movers and a cleaning lady made it happen.  I couldn't have done it without any of them.  But, the most important people of my weekend were Lauren and hair dresser and an incredible lady from Russia that can do ANYTHING (ask her and she'll tell you the same!).  On Friday night I initially thought I would do to the hotel, have a glass of wine or two and go to bed.  After all, I had only slept a few hours each night since Tuesday and knew the lack of sleep would catch up. glass of wine turned to another, I made friends with the bar tender and the next thing you friend Rymer and I are sitting on police motorcycles and taking pictures with the cops on duty in downtown Indy and we were up until 4am.
on the motorcycle...
So...back to Lauren and Olga...Saturday early afternoon (the day of the wedding) I go into Bobby Cooper's Salon to get my hair done.  I knew walking in that Lauren, who has done my hair for years, was going to die at my roots.  I don't like getting my hair done in Michigan and had let my roots grow out a few inches.  It wasn't pretty and I was a mess from the move.  I had spent the entire car ride to the salon picking half of my nail polish off my finger nails and my toe nails weren't any better.  The topper of it all...the bad spray tan I had the day before where I forgot to put the special lotion on my palms...they were orange!!  As soon as I walked in, it seemed like the music stopped, everyone dropped their scissors and combs and jaws hit the floor.  I knew I looked bad, but I didn't know it was THAT bad.  I guess it was.  So, there I sat, as five people discussed what needed to be done.  I'll be the first to admit...I have some salt in my hair at the age of 32...and by some salt, I mean a lot.  My colored hair is blonde and my roots are salt and's not cute!!  So, after the whole place had laughed, stared, and cried at what I looked like, they all got to work.  They had to color my gray roots before they could "really" color and hi-light it all over again.  My roots were long enough to be "virgin hair".  Oooops.  So, I'm sitting there getting the first set of color off of my hair when Olga comes into the picture.  Olga has worked there for awhile and I had always been a little scared of her.  She's from Russia and I wouldn't mess with her.  Well, as I'm sitting there getting my hair washed, Olga tells me that she got the go ahead from the owner of the salon to do my finger and toe nails.  People don't get their nails done at Bobby's...that's how bad I looked.  They had all spoken in the back room about the help I needed.  So, all of a sudden, Olga, the Russian wonder, is removing the other half of my toe and nail polish and painting them in 3 minutes flat.  As I'm getting my hair blown out, Olga is telling me how she could do my make up and how good she is at making me look good.  She then goes on to tell me if they took before and after pictures of me and posted them on their web site, they would be the most successful salon in the world.  Ouch, was that comment necessary...she didn't even crack a smile.  So, six hours later...I walk out with my blonde hair done, my make up done, nails done, and dress on ready to party the night away.  And then I lived happily ever after...well...almost...until there was an incident with red wine, a white shirt, the mother of the bride and a dance floor at the wedding!!
after olga worked her magic...i'm in black and ruffles.
with the beautiful bride!

i love a good band...especially when I can sing!


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