Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Becoming a blogger....

I don't know how to start this, but I feel like I need to admit from the start that I made fun of blogs.  I would read them and laugh wondering why people were spending their time blogging to a bunch of people they weren't sure were actually reading or paying attention to what they said.  But then, all of a sudden, I realized I was a silent blogger.  I would be in the car driving, thinking about what I did that day or something funny would happen and I'd say to myself "that would be funny on the blog"...but the problem was, I didn't have a blog.  Here I was, spending all this time composing blogs in my head and I had no one to share them with.  So began my journey to writing this blog.  Feel free to make fun of me or laugh at what I have to say, but I'm just glad it's now on the internet...not just written in my mind!

Normally I would think my life is boring and I wouldn't have much to write about, but I've made some recent changes to my life and think the encounters I have with people will be interesting and entertaining.  I'm having my Eat, Pray, Love year right now.  The first half of the year was not spent in Italy eating, but instead the opposite...I spent the winter getting in shape and eating healthy!  I've learned a lot about my body and am in a much better place than I had been in.  Wish I had been blogging for that transformation, but that one was only published in my head!! I'm onto my "Pray" part of the year.  I've decided to leave the city I lived in for 8 years and stay for a few extra months in my summer community in Northern Michigan!  

This is my spiritual place....where I am the most happy and myself.  In the past, after a rough winter, I've always found this place healing and uplifting!! So, it only seemed fitting to stay a few months up here by myself.  It all fell into place too easily and I know this is where I should be!  I'm trying to expand my knowledge on monogramming and retail experience so I can eventually open a monogram store!  While I was debating packing up or staying here until the end of October I had a woman call and ask if I could do embroidery for her store.  I couldn't believe how perfect the timing was for the woman to call me, it was the answer I needed of whether to stay up here or not.  I also knew that working out of my house would get boring and monotonous, so I applied around town for a job in retail.  I wanted to work in a store where I could learn the ins and outs of what it takes to make to run a store and also be successful!  So....I got a job in a wine store???!  I give tastings and sell as much wine as I can, all while sampling and getting to know each and every wine myself! Getting paid to taste and give tastings to other people is perfect for me!  The people I have come in contact with are more than entertaining and will add hours of entertainment to my blog!  

And now if you're wondering where the title came from?? I had a hard time with this and still don't love the title.  Sissy is my nick name and my friends have said that after a few cocktails, I don't stop talking and am unplugged....so, that's the title for now!  Enjoy!

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  1. Nice work Sara,
    Hopefully if you choose not to blog for a period of time your mom wont call to see what is wrong with you. Welcome to my world, it can be fun, make sure you send secret messages to your friends. Cant wait to read your blog about your trip to madison fo the Gopher-Badger game :) Go Colts, Jim