Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Club Chemo...

Wouldn't it be exciting if I was blogging about celebrities I saw out at the club last night...what everyone was wearing, who they were dating...BUT the only club I've been to recently is "Club Chemo".  Not a club anyone really wants to go to, but if you have to...why not make it fun??
first chemo
My best friend from college, Mere, was diagnosed with breast cancer in April.  It was shocking to say the least.  Mere and I have been good friends since our sophomore year.  We talk on the phone 2/3 times a day about NOTHING.  We're still very stupid and silly and amuse ourselves very easily.  We're anything but serious. And all of a sudden, in April, we had something to talk about and it was serious.  It went from dumb conversations about Gossip Girl, 90210 and People magazine to what happened at the doctor's office and the treatments Meredith would be getting.  I didn't want to see my friend go through this and I really didn't know how to be "serious" about it all.  We soon realized that there were certainly times when we needed to be serious but we could tackle cancer with the same sense of humor we handled everything.  This is how we started "Club Chemo".  Mere's older sister and I went every other Monday to chemo with Mere and enjoyed our time together.  How often do you get to sit, uninterrupted, with two good friends??  I know it's easy for me to say because I wasn't feeling the effects from the chemo, but Mere would say the same thing.  We truly enjoyed our time at chemo...we played euchre, had my b-day party, made a facebook page for Mere's sister, took jello shots, listened to music, invited "special guest appearances"(friends) and laughed A LOT!
club chemo girls!

In fact, we laughed through a lot of things I thought we would cry through.  Mere's husband and I shaved her head on my birthday.  I was so nervous about this because I thought it would be really hard on Mere and I had no idea how she would handle it.  When we were standing in her shower shaving her head all she kept saying was "I can't believe I'm standing in a pool of brown hair!".  Mere is a blonde, don't ever question it.  So instead of getting upset, here she was wondering when her hair got so dark!  
shaving the head

It's situations like these where your true character comes out and Mere handled and is handling (it's not over yet) the situation with amazing courage, a great attitude and a hilarious sense of humor.  She is the one with cancer and she is also the person I get my strength from.  I worry a lot about her and some days I'm so sad and sick at my stomach wondering how she's doing and how she feels and as soon as I talk to her all my worries and sadness go away because of her attitude.  She had one of her breasts removed last week and the first thing she said to me after was if she sounded any different because she only had one boob. HA!  That's why I love Mere and we get along so well.  She is an amazing friend, wife, mother, sister and soon to be cancer survivor.  So, for anyone going through cancer or supporting a friend or family member with cancer just remember to look for positive situations in even the worst of circumstances, it can be done and will make your journey a lot easier!! xoxo

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