Wednesday, September 15, 2010

more about bv...

I had a friend ask me to elaborate on where I'm living and give her a better of idea of what staying"up north" means.  I had the day off today and took my camera around BV and Petoskey and decided to show you in pictures!  While I was out, I ran into a friend who thought I was a kid doing a project for school.  He was impressed with my dedication to the request and summed up Bay View well. "It's like summer camp where we live in houses!".  Enjoy the pictures!
the marina in petoskey

path to downtown petoskey

a cute store i hadn't noticed this summer until i was sent out on my assignment!

one more view! love on to bay view!
one of my fave cottages, and you're not looked at it wrong, it tilts!! the tiltin' hilton!
a peaceful street!
another fave!
the auditorium, where we go to church....
where the kids go to camp...i was a camper and leader there!
the post office....
the terrace inn, the hotel!
off to the beach!
the boat boats, they're all put away!! it's fall here!

one of the best parts of bv are the sunsets!!
AND, the people!!
I hope you all enjoyed my project on BV.  I don't think my pictures do it justice, especially since they were taken in the fall.  I will have to do it again next summer, when it's in full bloom! I would love to answer any other questions and will take requests for future blog entries!!


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  1. Love the houses! I have often thought about moving to a small town...thinking about it makes me feel peaceful.