Thursday, September 16, 2010

i was tagged!!

My friend who also writes a blog, AEOT, "tagged" me so I have to answer her 8 questions, here it goes...

1. What is your ideal number of children? Uhmmmmm, seriously not sure.  I've spent a lot of time with kids, I love them and consider myself good with kids BUT not sure I am going to have any.  I lived with a family to help with the kids and that might have been enough for me!

2. What color flatters you the most?  Black, duh!  Who doesn't it flatter?  I also love to wear pink and Kentucky blue, but I'll save that for another post!

3. What is your favorite household chore? And which do you wish the little fairies would do over night?  I actually enjoy doing laundry, I like my clothes folded a certain way, but would love to have someone put it away for me!  I also really wish the little fairies would clean the bathrooms.  Who wouldn't want that??

4. What is your favorite book of all time?  I have a couple...I read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert a few years ago and love, love, loved it!  But I also love the book, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.  I read it in high school and could read it over and over!

5. What do you sleep in?  A t-shirt or tank top and pajama bottoms...I never match, I just throw on whatever is there!

6. Red or White?  White.  Who likes Louisville or Indiana Red...yuck!

7. Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Why?  Friday because you have the whole weekend to look forward to!

8. What is your ideal job?  I really want to open a monogram store!  I love doing it from my house, but really want a little store front and to interact more with the customers!

That's all for now because I'm not sure how to tag 8 more people! Thanks for asking me AEOT!!

xoxo2.  What color flatters you the most?
3.  What is your favorite household chore?  And which do you wish the little fairies would do overnight?
4.  What is your favorite book of all time?
5.  What do you sleep in?
6.  Red or White?
7.  Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?  Why?
8.  What is your ideal job (regardless of current schooling, training, etc)


  1. I would love to open a monogram store -- just deed to learn how to monogram first :)

  2. Everyone tells me I will end up owning a monogram shop not as a teacher, we'll see! Would be so fun for you to open a monogram shop!!!

  3. I love doing laundry as well, but I also love cleaning the bathrooms! My "fairie" chore would definitely be dusting.'s the worst.

    And, seriously, everyone should wear matching pjs. It's just what you should do. For some reason, the word polite keeps coming to my head. It's polite to wear pjs that look nice, just like it's polite to dress appropriately during the day. Hmmmmm....I bet very, very few people think that.

  4. Hello sweet Sissy! New follower to your blog via dearest AEOT, happy to be here! I loved your little series on Petoskey and Northern MI - AEOT helped me with some of the "best of" locations in the area when I was in town for my friends wedding in July...what a charming area, I fell in LOVE! I took over 1000 pictures, one of these days I have got to get them off my camera and blog about it, I didn't want to leave! :) xoxoxo Happy weekend, and WELCOME to blogging!