Thursday, September 2, 2010

Toppers and Mirror Lookers...

I clearly have some time on my hands at the wine store...this is a slow week and it's only going to get slower, so you can look forward to a lot of posts from me!  I debated writing about the missing kayaker, but decided with the last post being about cancer, I didn't want my followers (all 7 of you) to think this was going to be a heavy, serious blog about real life issues.  Today I am going to discuss toppers and mirror lookers.

You all have someone in your life that has to top every story or accomplishment you've ever made.  They interrupt the last part of your story to start their own story because it's bigger and better.  In fact, I hate to admit this, but I could possibly be that topper in your life.  I love a good story and I love to tell stories...but please know I do it out of excitement to share something with you, never am I trying to top you!  I had a mother and daughter come wine tasting last week and the mom was the topper of the family for sure.  The daughter would start a story about a tennis match and before she was done the mom would break in and start her own story and the poor daughter would just sit there smiling and shaking her head.  You could tell she was use to it and just kept her mouth shut....she wasn't going to compete with the topper.  I had a friend awhile back that would say every morning that the night before had been "the best night ever".  I don't doubt that it was fun, but was it really the "best night ever"?  Was every night the best night ever?? I was out for some of those nights and while I had fun, I sure hope that's not the best night of my life!

This brings me to a good mirror looker.  Where I work there are mirrors eye level behind me when I give wine tastings.  I've had several women who stand a little to the side of me so the entire time they are tasting wine and talking to me, they can stare in the mirror.  I've known people like this my entire life.  They catch glimpses of themselves in any and every window with a reflection or any mirror they may come across.  I don't get it...if you look in the mirror and then look again 5 seconds later will anything change?  I had a lady who literally looked at herself during a half hour wine tasting.  After she left I went to her spot and tried eating a cracker and having a drink in the mirror, just to see the appeal.  Half way through the cracker I was bored and forgot what I was doing.  My only conclusion on this was that maybe in a past life they were very, very unattractive and now they can't believe what they see in the mirror and are celebrating their newfound beauty??!  Who knows?!

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