Friday, September 24, 2010

What a week...

It's been a whirlwind week for me, to say the least!! Since I'm staying up in BV, I figured I needed to rent my townhouse out!  I was getting nervous that October was just around the corner and I had only a few people call about my place.  I had even contacted my realtor, who informed me he "doesn't really do rentals" I asked him to do my dirty laundry!  So, after a lot of prayers (and dropping the price), I have renters for October 1st!  I'm a bit nervous's 3 guys!  They're self proclaimed "young professionals", but all I see is my sweet pink and white house becoming a fraternity house! Ahhhhhhh, what am I doing!
what meathead wouldn't want to live here???
So, in a matter of days...I have to pack up my house and move all my things into storage because I don't know where I'm going to be in a couple of months!  Why would I want to plan ahead!  That's how I live my life and how I always have and somehow, it just works out for me!  So, next week, I'm taking a few days off at the wine store and I'll head down to Indy to pack and the movers are coming on Thursday.  So ends a chapter in my life...and what a chapter it was.  I will say that my favorite year in Indy was the first year when I lived with my friend and we had theme parties and pretended we were still in college!  That was seven years ago and a lot has happened since then, but I'm ready to move on!! I love the feeling that I can do ANYTHING and go ANYWHERE!!

Now, to fill you in on what I'm doing in Northern Michigan with the "retirement crew"!   I had cocktails and drinks with the people who are still in BV.  If I were to average the ages of the 11 people at dinner last night, it would be 65...that's with my age in the average!  BUT, it was enjoyable! They know how to throw a fun cocktail hour and a great dinner party without the anxiety and stress people my age seem to have.  They've done it so long, it's easy for them!  We talked about books, movies, where everyone was going to stay in Florida when they go down there in a couple of months.  It seems to me that life just keeps getting better as you get older.  You're just moving north and south with the weather and cock-tailing your way through it!  Where can I sign up??  Who knows...ya'll might see me in Florida for the winter....just because i can go ANYWHERE and do ANYTHING!! Such a great feeling!  Still loving my Eat, Pray, Love year!!


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