Monday, September 13, 2010

Wine Therapist...

Since I've started my job at the wine store, somehow I've become a therapist.  No complaints here, I love hearing everyones stories, it makes my day go faster and makes me seem a whole lot more sane!  I think I've always had one of those faces that people feel compelled to tell their life story to and add a couple samples of wine and people won't leave out a detail.  I had a mom and daughter in and they spent about 15 minutes talking about the other sister.  Apparently, she's dating a guy that is super possessive, doesn't spend any time with her family anymore and she's the smallest but the scrappiest of the sisters and you don't want to fight with her.   BUT, if you want to push her buttons...bring up the fact that she never does anything without her boyfriend.  I don't even know the girl's name!  Then I had a really "classy" couple in where the husband kept asking for more samples because he "wanted to get lucky", which she replied back each time, "you think you can get luck TWICE today".  Didn't need to know that.  This is when I normally give either my no teeth grin or all gums grin which means why in the world are you telling me this.  Most people take it as a friendly gesture, so the couple felt compelled to repeat this exchange about six more times. Thanks!
this is how i smile when i don't really want to hear what you're saying
but it's my job so i have to!!
this is how i really feel!
I had a group of people from Jersey in the first week I was working.  It was my first day by myself and I was a little nervous because if something went wrong, I wasn't sure I could fix it.  So,  in the middle of the store the mother and daughter get into a huge fight, Jersey style (think Theresa flipping the table on Real Housewives of New Jersey).  The daughter was getting married that weekend and she was telling her mom that she has spent so much money on her own wedding and that they had helped out her sister so much more.  I thought the mom was going to throw the wine bottles at her....her 3 inch red nails were holding the wine glass, shaking and I was sure she was going to shatter it.  I just sat there, not sure what to do.  The mom went off on her, every other word was the f word.  I just sat there with the dumb no teeth grin, I had no idea what to do.  So, as they're fighting they're still picking out wine and bringing it to me.  I'm ringing it in as fast as I can just to get them out of here and what do I do??? I hit some key, to this day I'm not sure what it was, and it rings their case of wine three times.  Every time I hit the key the total would rise by about $200.  This put the mom in another downward spiral.  I told her I could fix it, I'd re-ring it and the next thing I know it's $600(should have been around $160)!! I'm literally sweating and taking layers of clothes off.  The mom and daughter are taking turns going outside to smoke cigs.  I finally had to call the manager and have her talk me through it!  I had to pour myself a glass of wine after that one!  I was nervous they were going to put a hit out on me, life in the wine bizzzzz is tough!! 

This brings me to talking to my mom on the phone, which always produces the no teeth grin, which I must say was a definite trait passed down from her.  She flashes that grin at least once an hour.  My mom called the other day to tell me she worked with a little girl (about 4, I think) at bible study that day and she reminded her of me!  Then the laughter started and when my mom laughs, you laugh with her because you know the story is going to be funny...she has a very contagious laugh!  I'm picturing a sweet little girl that made her laugh and was nice to the other kids etc.  Not the story I got.  My mom started to describe her...she was in flip flops, probably hadn't cleaned her feet since June and definitely hadn't seen a hair brush in weeks.  Then she tells me at snack time the little girl put her feet on the table while she ate and cried when it was time for a nap. Sounds like a real cute, sweet little girl.  So glad I could bring back the good memories.  She did tell me there was a difference between the two of us, the little girl had her flip flops on the right feet.  I liked wearing them on the wrong feet and I wouldn't switch them, so I spent a couple of summers running around with flip flops on the wrong feet!  Doesn't my mom paint such a cute picture of me.  She went on to tell me that most years it was until December that they could get my feet clean.  In my defense....I was very ticklish and did not like anyone to touch my feet, I still cringe sometimes when I get a pedicure!! AND I was very tender headed and did not like people to brush my hair!!  And, just so you know, I would have NEVER put my feet on the table when I was eating(my mom did agree with this statement) and only would have cried if I wasn't tired for nap time! 
why would i want to brush my hair when it naturally looked so good??

looks brushed to me!

just a little disclaimer...i know some really nice people from Jersey, that are very enjoyable and well behaved!

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